Bloplike (7DRL)

>>> This is the game as uploaded for the jam. The new version is here <<<

An ASCII roguelike made in one week for the 7DRL-2021.


In this game, you build your character by gathering pieces of DNA. You will be forming chromosomes by gathering one gene of each of the two types:

  1. Trigger (cyan): determines when the chromosme is activated
  2. Effect (green): determines what happens when the chromosome is activated

Those genes are teared of blops trying to kill you. Each of them also posess chromosomes which can be activated the same manners as yours!

The goal is to defeat enemies by anticipating the chains of effects, until you find The Blopulet.


The controls are always displayed at the top of the screen.

They are updated when the mode changes.

Precisions and tips

  • You attack when you move into an ennemy. 
  • Damage dealt by attacking is equal to the attacker's strenght (displayed below the healthbar)
  • You regain all your life when you go downstairs.
  • Enemies drop only one gene when they die.
  • You can't remove genes from your DNA. But you can override them with other genes.
  • You can look at droped genes with Observation mode (Enter).
  • You can look at enemies' DNA and stats with Observation mode.
  • An incomplete chromosome does nothing.
  • There is no XP. You only get stronger by picking genes and items.
  • OnTrigger is activated when a chromosome with a trigger other than OnTrigger is activated
  • The Blopulet is at depth 10.


  • Language: TypeScript
  • Library: rot.js 
  • Developpers: Aurélien Coussat and Maxime Chabance



  • Provide pretty font (default monospace font on Windows is ugly)
  • Grey logs from preceding turns
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
TagsSeven Day Roguelike Challenge, ascii, Roguelike
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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(1 edit) (+1)

Was too easy, but fun, really cool concept.

Thanks :) Yes, it is too easy once figured out. More a demo than anything as of today ^^

Ended up with the HEAL build

I would love to see this idea expanded into something bigger.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, I look like see where this can go, too. I’m thinking about it :p

on wait heal self:rest

on attack heal self:bloodsteal

on loselife shock:jellyfish

just a few combos i made

why not
onLoseLife / heal   : shield ( 1  so if hit by ember = 1 dmg - 1 heal = 0 )

Nice game! Too short, but them's the breaks. I've found that "OnTrigger" works really well if you put it with heal or cleave and have a whole bunch of onattacks. Not sure what "Hurtself" would be good for?

@El Zoof Hurtself is a two sided blade.. so basically
use this combo :
onTrigger /  hurtSelf
onLoseLife / heal
onLoseLife / heal

i tried and it made me have ∞ health XD

Haha. Nice one. To be completly honest, we kept it because we found it funny to find blops with onLoseLife:HurtSelf.


The souverain is here!


Thank you for the let’s play :) Glad you liked.

Yay, we would have liked more shenanigans based on terrain and moving, so that healing barbarian build is no longer the only useful.

That’s the first thing on which we would work if we decide to continue it.

(1 edit)

So... am I softlocked or just stupid?


Soft locked.

Sorry :/ we knew it was rare but possible but didn’t have the time to implement a solvability check.

Thanks for playing :) I hope you weren’t too far in the game

(1 edit)

Oh no worries, that was literally my first level and I wondered if I'm misunderstanding the mechanics.

I managed to win after several tries, and I really love the chromosomes idea! Tbh game felt too short; I was just about to assemble an OP combo (OnWait : Heal and 3x onAttack : Cleave/Shock), thinking that I'll get very far in this run, and then... it ended :D

Btw I probably should have guessed by the name, but it took me a while to notice that Shock electrocutes water - cool!


Yeah, that’s THE build. ^^

When you get it, you steam-roll the game. Every level begins to feel the same as you kill everything without even caring. So might as well tell you that you win ^^.

Maybe we should assume that you will have an OP build at the end, and so put VERY hard ennemies.

But personnally I would work on variety so that good builds aren’t so brainless. Play more with environment and movement. Then even with a good build, the game would still stay interesting.

Lovely work!
I died on lvl 3 because all I got were "onMoveUp" genes... hehe, but I can definitely see this being one of those games where you get epic runs, like "onWait : healSelf" would be pretty amazing.. yea!


Thanks for playing :)
Yeah you are totally right, some genes are much stronger than others ^^'
We wanted to make every gene useful but that's awfully hard.